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I’m an islander hailing from a dairy and race horse farm in Bayside, now living in Summerside.

Proud Mama of two boys. I love cats, curling, sailing, live music, and the beach.

Some cool things I’ve gotten to do working two decades in media: – fly in formation with the Canadian Forces Snowbirds (they even let me steer the plane at one point) – toured the island tip to tip in less than five minutes flying with the US Blue Angels – taught movie stars Bo Derek and John Corbett how to open a lobster – learned how to shuck oysters from a three time Canadian Oyster Shucking Champion – fave celebrity interview: toss up between Willie Nelson’s son Lukas who had great stories to share about his dad and Kris Kristofferson, and sports broadcaster Jay Onrait who has the distinction of being the only person to ever render me speechless on a live microphone. – starred in a zombie movie

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